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He (YHWH) kept him as the apple of His eye.

Deuteronomy 32:10


Promises for Israel in the past, present and future. Israel in prophetic biblical perspective.

G’d has a plan with this world, and the ultimate goal of this plan is a new earth and a new heaven, where G’d will be glorified in the Messiah Yeshua. He will be glorified by people who have been reconciled with Him through the sacrifice of the Messiah.

G’d has chosen the people of Israel to implement His plan. Salvation is of the Jews. G’d's plan with Israel is like a diamond with many facets - these facets come to light and begin to shine as we examine the Scriptures. This book will help you do this.

Through the nation of Israel, the entire world will be blessed. This book deals with Israel’s past, present and future. G’d has a glorious future in store for Israel – and other nations may share in it! But before that time, many things must take place.